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St Augustine's Norwich | Ultra Aquam

Ultra Aquam or Norwich 'Over the Water'
Extract from Sutton Nicholls' map of Norwich, made about 1710, showing the area north of the River Wensum known as Ultra Aquam or 'Over the Water'. Note the spelling of the Gildencroft as 'Gilding or Gipping Croft'. A representation of St Augustine's lost post mill can be seen north of
St Austin's (another name for St Augustine's) Gate.

Key to Ultra Aquam's churches: D - St Edmund's; E - St James Pockthorpe; F - St Paul's;
G - St Saviour's; H - St Augustine's (also known as St Austin's); I - St Martin at Oak;
K - St Mary Coslany; L - St Michael Coslany; M - St George's Colegate;
N - St Clement's Fishergate   


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