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St Augustine's Norwich | St Augustine's churchyard from north east

St Augustine's churchyard, Norwich, from the northeast
Most of the headstones in the churchyard were removed by Norwich City Corporation in 1894 when the Church of England sold the churchyard to the City for use as a public garden, one of the first public open spaces in Norwich.
Some of these headstones can still be seen where they rest against the north and west sides of the churchyard, though many are now damaged and their inscriptions practically illegible. Fortunately, all the headstone inscriptions had been recorded some years earlier and can be read today on microfilm in the Local Studies Collection at the Millennium Library in the Forum. One especialy regrettable loss was the headstone of one Armiger Watts Hubbard. His inscription recorded that he served as a lieutenant in the Royal Marines on board Admiral Lord Collingwood's flagship,
The Royal Sovereign, at the Battle of Trafalgar.
 Some of the larger family tombs were retained and one can be seen here - in the right foreground. The curious pyramidal structure covers the entrance to the family vault of the Hinde family. The Hindes were prominent silk shawl manufacturers in the parish in the 19th century. The entrance to Hinde Yard can still be found just over St Augustine's Street almost opposite their final resting place.

Photo courtesy James Eldred, 2007

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