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Memories of Wine Coopers Arms Yard

Mrs Boelen (born Carole Ann Armes) contacted SACTRA in Feb 2009 from Australia:

'I am really interest in locating pictures of the area especially Wine Coopers Arms Yard (the cottages) around the time I was born 1950 ... [adding later] ... my father passed away in August 2003, his knowledge of the area was awesome. He lived on Bakers Road for many years and then my Mum and he move into Wine Coopers Arms Yard when they married in 1950.  Mum is 81 and fighting fit so she knows the area from April 1950 onwards. They lived there for about 3 years as I said I was born there. My Mum was born in Ice House Lane in Bracondale in 1928.'

SACTRA was unable to locate photos of Wine Coopers Arms Yard other than that of the pub with the same name taken by the late George Plunkett (see link to his website on our photo archive page) in the 1930s. We suggested  she contact Derek James at Norwich Evening News, who published a request on her behalf in May 2009:

'Here is a plea for help from the other side of the world… do you have any photographs of Wine Coopers Arms Yard at St Augustine's in Norwich?

If you have, Carole Boelen (Armes) would love to hear from you. "I was born at 5 Wine Coopers Arms Yard on November 21, 1950, and lived there until 1953," said Carole. Her uncle and his wife lived in the same yard.

"We then moved to Boston Street and then my parents bought a home on Eade Road. In 1958 we moved to Sydney, Australia," she added.

The family has maintained close links with Norwich and especially St Augustine's.

"I returned in 1971 when I got married in the church mum and dad were married in at St Augustine's. I was christened there and my oldest son was christened there in 1984, so as you can see we have quite a history in the area," said Carole.

"My father has passed away now but he had many stories about living in this part of Norwich. We listened to them many times, as have my children. My mum is still alive. She is now 81 and has fond memories of St Augustine's," said Carole.'

In September 2009 Mrs Boelen told us of the response to the Evening News appeal:

'I was very lucky as I had several people contact me via email and also via mail. One very lovely gentleman sent me a copy of the paper that published my request and also a lovely letter telling me all about himself and his life in and around St Augustine’s and funnily enough his son only lives about 20 min’s from us, and he used to holiday here and knows my area very well.

I also had another gentleman send me 2 wonderful DVD’s which he copied for me both of Norwich in the 50’s which were great they had my Mum (82) in tears. I had several people send photos also but still nothing of Wine Coppers Arms Yard which is a shame, but I will keep trying. There must be something somewhere.

As I was only about 2 when we moved to Boston St, most of my memories of St Augustine’s are of when I returned in 1971 at the age of 21 and got married in the church (St Augustine’s) my parents got married in and my brother and I were christened in and I had my eldest son christened in also. I lived in Norwich from Sept 1971 to Sept 1974. Then returned to Australia with my husband and son.

Thank you once again for your suggestion re the EEN I am still in touch via email with several of the people who contacted me which has been lovely.  Also Derek James has asked me to send any old photos I or Mum might have so will have to get stuck into that soon.'

If you have any photos or memories of Wine Cooper Arms Yard, especially from the 1950s, please let SACTRA know via our 'Contact Us' page and we will pass them on to Mrs Boelen in Australia. 

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